The launch of LIFT AND LOVE

I am officially the founder of my very own business!! LIFT AND LOVE

What does LIFT AND LOVE do?

LIFT AND LOVE is here to help you reach your full potential. If you are just beginning or if you are already a pro, health is ALWAYS important. And we are here to help you! I will be helping people begin and also training people to help and motivate as many people as we can!


TEAM LIFT AND LOVE means so much to me. I have been working tirelessly to create a brand that is authentic to me. The “LIFT” part means a few things. First on this team is we LIFT each other up. We lift our spirits, we lift our confidence, we lift ourselves out of bed, we lift our lives up and of course, we also lift weights! The “LOVE” part is very important to me. Love is at the core of everything that I do. On this team, we first and foremost LOVE OURSELVES. Then we have the power to love others and spread love to those we know. We love our bodies and all it’s imperfections, and we love the journey that we are on. We love our failures and we love our successes. With love, anything is possible.

I am SO thankful for everything that all of you have done for me in supporting my journey do far. I look forward to the progress and growth that is about to come from me and my team! I absolutely cannot wait to see what I will make next for this team!!


I have a vision.  A vision of a group of people coming together and lifting each other up and spreading love.  And then those people work with other people to lift up even more people and spread even more love and so on! This vision is genuine and I absolutely cannot wait to see my vision become a reality!

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