Finding Strength in a Shit Storm

How do you find strength when your life seems to seriously unfair?  When you feel like only bad things happen to you.  When you feel like you have no one on your team.  When the people around you don’t understand?  Well let me begin with a little story…

Seven years.

Thats how long it’s been since I was sexually assaulted.  Anniversary’s are hard.  I always thought that when the seven year anniversary came around that I would “be over it”.  But the truth is, I will never be over it.  And it never gets easier.  But I do get stronger.

Sometimes, I think about where I would be if that wouldn’t have happened.  And my mind goes totally blank.  It’s amazing how one event can change your entire life.  How it can change your entire perspective on how life goes and how many different directions you take because of it.  I have struggled to understand what happened to me, and I have struggled to find peace.  It all came in stages.  There was the denial, the guilt, the anger, the guilt, the confusion, the sadness, the guilt, the grievance, the epiphany, the forgiveness and now the strength.  And when I say strength, I don’t mean that I am over it and completely fighting through it.  But it does mean that I have found the strength to fight a little harder than I did yesterday in keeping it together.

What has helped me the most recently?

Creating the support I need– I have began creating a community of people who lift each other up.  One thing I have struggled with being away from my Live Different family, is having the support I need.  So I created a business called Lift and Love where we can come together as a group to support each other in whatever it is we need.

Physical health–  When you are sexually assaulted, sometimes it feels like you have no control over your emotions (even 7 years after the fact).  And that is okay.  But one thing I have been holding onto, is what I can control.  And I am lucky enough to be able to control my physical health.  I have the power to exercise, and eat healthy and take care of my body. So when I feel I can’t control anything else, I take control of my physical health.

Personal Development– Have you ever heard of the “self-help” section at the bookstore?  Well that is where I shop!  There is a negative connotation to self help books, but I think you should be helping yourself daily!  Books, podcasts, meditation, gratitude journals and anything else that makes you grow daily should be a part of your routine!

I find some bit of strength in every single day.

If you are struggling with anything, I want you to know that I am here.  That you are not alone in your struggle.  There is hope and there is strength out there for you.  You are worthy of love and support.

If you need or want to talk about it more, please fill out the form below and I will get back to you ASAP.  No one should have to struggle alone.

Love will win



Shaun Week BABY!!

I have completed a Shaun T program.  Let me say it again in case you didn’t hear… I HAVE COMPLETED A SHAUN T PROGRAM!!!  I never thought I would be able to say that out loud.  Yes, it was only a one week program, but it was freaking hard and I wanted to quit a million times!

But I didn’t! I didn’t give up and I am so proud of that!!


I have always looked at Shaun T programs as way out of my league, and as something that was a goal for me to get to.  I never thought I could just jump into a program like this and actually successfully complete it!!


I have spent a month combining everything that I have learned about personal development, accountability, healthy eating and fitness and I have come out feeling absolutely so phenomenal because of it!!

It feels like a milestone. It feels like I have accomplished something bigger than I have dreamed of before.  I wished I could share this feeling with all of you.  This feeling of being on a journey that makes your heart smile and your eyes smile at the same time.  The feeling of fulfillment and happiness.  I haven’t completed my journey.  It’s something I will be on for the rest of my life.  But yet I feel like there is no way that I could be happier than I am right now.  And then the next day I am proven wrong.  The feeling is crazy.


I just want to share this feeling with everyone!  Why bother keeping it to myself!  So that is why I am doing my best to help you feel as phenomenal as I do right now!

I am hosting several challenge groups in the next couple of months and I want to help YOU be successful in them!

Start now by creating your account here.

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I look forward to being on this journey with you!!


Lisa Gudjonson


Lift and Love