Love Yourself First

Today is Thursday.  Thursdays have a special place in my heart.  Why?  Because I began my fitness journey on a Thursday.  I was feeling sorry for myself and having a pitty party, when I decided that I needed to start taking better care of myself and I needed to start loving myself.

This past Tuesday, I came back to that place of having a pitty party for myself.  I was laying around with cramps and a headache just wishing that I was living someone else’s life.  But, luckily, today it doesn’t take me long to get over those moments of weakness.  Those moments come farther and farther apart and I can bounce back from them much easier.

When it comes to loving yourself, I believe that there is no formula or quote that will save you.  It comes from within.  It comes from a small place that you find inside you that has hope for more.  Hope is a beautiful and life saving thing.  The trick is to find that one small piece of it.  Some people believe that it is found from some kind of external motivation.  Maybe.  But I believe it comes from a place of love.  A place of love for yourself.  When you feel so low and you are just needing more love, you sometimes just have to create it yourself.

I am not even sure that made total sense to anyone but me.  Nonetheless what I am trying to share with you is that it’s there.  that tiny ball of self love and hope is there and it’s waiting for you to find it and to roll with it.  Finding it, can begin a few different ways.  Here are a few that I have tried:

  1.  Gratitude-  Sometimes when it feels like the world is against you, finding something that you are always grateful for makes the world of difference.
  2. Date yo-self!-  Sounds silly, but I actually do this. Sometimes I will take myself out to a movie, or cook a nice dinner for myself.  You may think it’s sad, but I had a hot date tonight where I got to eat what I want, be in the clothes I want, watch the Netflix show I wanted AND eat dessert without sharing. Did you?  But seriously, you deserve to be treated right.  So treat yourself right!
  3. Find good people-  tougher than it sounds.  But sometimes this starts with ditching the people who are toxic and hurtful in your life.  This may mean a social media swipe, or a few difficult conversations, but you need to let go of the negativity in your life so that you can foster and grow into the person you deserve to be.
  4. Build your tribe- this ties in with the above tip, but this is more specific.  This tip is about really becoming a part of a community that you feel supported in and that helps you grow that tiny ball of self love and hope!  Or if you are having trouble finding a tribe, you can create one.. like I did!

(more tips will come as I try them!)

I’ve been working for a few years now on creating love for myself.  I’m going to tell you right now, it’s harder then it sounds.  But I promise you that somewhere deep inside you, there is a tiny ball of self love and hope.  And that tiny ball of self love and hope is just enough to snowball into something legendary ❤

I am never giving up on making my tiny ball of self love and hope into something much bigger than that!  Every day it gets a little bigger and I am able to share that love that I have within with other people.  And I am SO grateful for this!

Thanks for reading!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

-Lisa AKA Lift and Love

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