My name is Lisa Gudjonson, and I am the founder of Team Lift and Love.

Health is my passion.  I am currently finishing up my degree in Health Education! As much as I LOVE to teach teenagers, I believe that the knowledge I have is WAY to valuable not to share with the world!  So when the opportunity came up to share my passion with others through a health and wellness company, I couldn’t say no!  This company has given me so much, including so many valuable friendships and opportunities.  Health and love are the two things that make up my world.  And I am excited to share that with as many people as I possibly can!

So! Here is what we are all about!

TEAM LIFT AND LOVE means so much to me. I have been working tirelessly to create a brand that is authentic to me. The “LIFT” part means a few things. First on this team is we LIFT each other up. We lift our spirits, we lift our confidence, we lift ourselves out of bed, we lift our lives up and of course, we also lift weights! The “LOVE” part is very important to me. Love is at the core of everything that I do. On this team, we first and foremost LOVE OURSELVES. Then we have the power to love others and spread love to those we know. We love our bodies and all it’s imperfections, and we love the journey that we are on. We love our failures and we love our successes. With love, anything is possible.

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